Techreviewer Features PixelPlex as Top Software Developers in Its 5 Rankings

PixelPlex is ranked among top software developers in five rankings by Techreviewer

Techreviewer, a research and analytics company ranking the top IT firms from all over the world, featured PixelPlex in its 5 ratings covering top blockchain companies, app developers, and software developers in the USA.

PixelPlex was honored to be recognized as one of the leaders in software development by Techreviewer. The company awarded PixelPlex with 5 badges, including:

  • Top 100+ Software Development Companies in USA in 2022
  • Top App Developers in the United States in 2022
  • Top 80+ Blockchain Development Companies in 2022
  • Top App Developers in New York
  • Top Software Companies in New York in 2022

As a research and analytics organization, Techreviewer analyzes and shortlists companies specializing in different technologies and solutions. The company ranks firms all over the world featuring the ones that provide better services.

Techreviewer has a tried-and-true researching methodology that they use to ensure that only companies with proven tech competence are featured on their ratings. They rank and compare each company based on different factors and criteria, including customer reviews and references, work experience, organic search presence, market presence, domain authority, and more. Then, based on this data, Techreviewer’s analysts compile lists of the best industry performers.

PixelPlex is proud to be featured in Techreviewer’s rankings, being listed among the top blockchain development, app development, and software development companies in 2022. We have always been striving to deliver exceptional client services and build best-in-class software solutions. As a result of our efforts, we can boast years of customer loyalty backed up with outstanding customer reviews.

With 14+ years of experience at our back, PixelPlex gained expertise in various technologies and solutions with the most prominent ones being blockchain, AI, and IoT. Whether it is application development and implementation or blockchain consulting, we help our clients tackle their business challenges.

About Techreviewer

Techreviewer is an analytics hub that performs studies of the best software development companies in different business domains. The company has its own rating methodology, which they use to evaluate reputable software developers in various industries and locations. Based on the performed analysis and evaluation, Techreviewer publishes lists with top software development companies all over the world.


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