How to Tokenize Gold?

What do we usually imagine when hearing about gold investments? We’ll likely think of real gold bars in a bank unit. Nevertheless, contemporary technologies offer a chance to make gold investments digital. And we call it gold tokenization.

This result of the tokenization process assumes that a unit of gold is represented as a token on the blockchain. This token can then be handed to a crypto exchange for selling or exchanging for other assets.

Let’s take a look at the core principles of gold tokenization and try to forecast its future.


0:00 What is tokenized gold?
0:49 Gold bars vs Gold-backed tokens
1:16 Advantages of tokenized gold
2:15 How safe is it to tokenize gold?
3:13 Difference between tokens and crypto
4:05 What is a token standard?
4:58 Do I own real gold if I buy a tokenized one?
5:32 How to distribute tokenized gold?
6:23 Advantages of blockchain tokenization
7:26 How do I tokenize an asset?
8:22 Conclusion

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