Three Clutch badges on Top enterprise app development companies, Top blockchain companies, and Top financial app developers

PixelPlex Among Top Clutch Developers

PixelPlex has been acknowledged by as Top Blockchain Provider, Top Enterprise App Developer, as well as listed in many other categories.

Since PixelPlex kicked off in 2009, we have successfully released 300+ projects in Blockchain, AR/VR, Games, IoT, AI, Web and Mobile, focusing primarily on core Blockchain development. PixelPlex has been chosen as primary blockchain development partner for such major projects as QTUM, Echo, Peerplays, Blockcerts, eXeBlock, and many others.

Hard work and devotion have contributed to our brand’s recognition, and this year we have scored multiple nominations on is a US-based research agency specializing in tracking performance and ranking top IT service providers. In the effort of helping businesses of all sizes acquire qualified IT-related services, Clutch publishes annual reviews of the leading outsourcing firms capable to meet requirements in service and expertise, based on client reviews.

We consistently take on top positions on Clutch in Blockchain, Mobile, Enterprise Software Development and other rankings.

In 2018, PixelPlex has been listed in the following categories:

  • Top Blockchain Companies;
  • Top Enterprise App Development Companies;
  • Top Custom Software Development Companies;
  • Top Field Operations App Developers;
  • Top CRM & Sales Enablement App Developers;
  • Top Fintech Custom Software Development Companies;
  • Top Financial App Developers;
  • Top Android App Development Companies;
  • Top React Native Development Companies;
  • Top European App Developers;
  • Top App Developers in the Netherlands;
  • Top Software Developers in the Netherlands;
  • Top Software Developers in Belarus;
  • Top Mobile App Developers in Belarus;
  • Top B2B Service Providers in Belarus.

We love what we do and always aim for growth and development in our field, providing high performance and quality of our software products. Such acknowledgment of our work only motivates us to further improve our track record and proves that we are on the right path.


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