PixelPlex Is Happy to Present Smart Contract Protocol Echo at Web Summit

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PixelPlex demonstrates an advanced smart contract protocol Echo at Web Summit

Defined by Forbes as “the best technology conference on the planet”, Web Summit is taking place from the 5th to 8th of November, 2018, in Lisbon, Portugal. PixelPlex is presenting Echo, an advanced platform for DApp development, on November 8, as its main developers and integrators. Our main goal is to unlock the potential of the platform for helping businesses of any scale solve problems where blockchain technology is a perfect fit.

Echo is a generalized smart contract protocol that enables efficient decentralized computing  –  one that provides the infrastructure and development tools necessary to build and deploy scalable, high-performing decentralized applications.

Echo Development Approach

In creating Echo, PixelPlex has leveraged its extensive experience working on some of the largest and best-known blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to create something new and address the issues its developers have run into with other smart contract protocols over the years. PixelPlex CEO Alexei Dulub says,

After working on many other blockchains and seeing specific business needs from hundreds of clients, it became clear that there was great demand for a new and more efficient blockchain platform.

Echo currently allows for a transaction bandwidth of 1000 tps, making it one of the fastest smart contract platforms on the market. Although this figure represents best-in-class efficiency, the speed of transactions is not Echo’s greatest advantage.

Architecture Development

Echo makes use of the popular Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and x86 VM, which means that DApps created on Ethereum can easily be imported into Echo, and developers who prefer coding in programming languages not exclusive to the blockchain world (C/C++, Python, Haskell, Rust, etc.) will be able to use their favorite tools (debuggers, compilers and libraries) for DApp development using Echo without having to adapt and learn.

We realized that, by integrating x86 VM, which has been supported for decades, we could avoid “reinventing the wheel”. It could be used for building a fully decentralized blockchain customized for speed and efficiency by incorporating sidechains.

Echo offers users a very low barrier for entry  –  the low resource requirements to run a single node allows for millions of mining/staking nodes to be created. In addition, it’s equitable, with a consensus model based on Delegated Proof of Stake, where verifiable functions randomly select block producers for each round of consensus, and every node serves as a block producer.

Impacting the Future of Blockchain Technology

We hope that decentralization architects and blockchain enthusiasts alike will embrace that the team at PixelPlex has created a blazingly fast, fully decentralized, censorship-resistant network that supports x86 bytecode compiled from many popular languages (enabling development in: C/C++, Java, Haskell, Python, Rust, Solidity, etc.), with trustless interoperability between blockchains. With Echo, users can leverage whichever blockchain and native representation of existing blockchain assets (BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens) are most suitable for their particular application.

The release of Echo marks a new era in the advent of blockchain technology, offering a powerful and efficient tool that can be leveraged by developers the world over to decentralize everything.
For interview requests, please contact info@echo.org.

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