PixelPlex Among 1% Top-Tier Global B2B Leaders as a Blockchain Developer

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PixelPlex is proud to be one of the few blockchain developers named global B2B leaders.

Clutch, an independent client-based ratings platform and market research agency, recognizes PixelPlex as a leading B2B service provider and includes the company on its second annual list of global B2B leaders 2019.

PixelPlex has a strong foothold in the blockchain industry and applies this technology to deliver robust, transparent decentralized solutions for various fields from fintech to gaming. Earlier this year the company has already been named a market leader in 2019 Clutch Blockchain Companies Rating that consists of over 1,100 firms. Now PixelPlex is one of only 8 blockchain companies included in the rating of global B2B leaders.

“What’s important to us is that clients’ reviews lie at the heart of Clutch’s rating methodology. Thus, a client’s experience with a service provider directly reflects its standing on the marketplace,” comments Alexei Dulub, CEO and Founder of PixelPlex. “Five-star feedback from our customers helped us gain this recognition from Clutch. It’s an honor for our team to be acclaimed as a trustworthy provider as we know that a happy customer is the biggest champion of the brand,” adds Alexei.

“The most impressive part about PixelPlex is their expertise, capability, and skills in C++ blockchain protocol development, along with the ability to find elegant solutions to complex issues and limitations of blockchain technology,” notes Jonathan Baha’I, the President of Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association and one of PixelPlex’s valued customers.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex elegantly builds easy-to-use mobile and web applications based on blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, AR and VR technologies, turning complex concepts into simple solutions.  Our clients are both brand names such as BMW and alike, as well as ardent and bold innovators that launch blockchain-powered betting solutions, gaming platforms and pure ICO/STO products.

PixelPlex is named the Top 2 Blockchain Company in the US  and recognized as a leader in the market analysis of Top Blockchain Providers.

About Clutch

Clutch is a review-based ratings platform that matches thousands of corporate customers around the world with the best B2B service providers from the tech industry based on the quality and quantity of clients’ reviews and their recency, as well as on a provider’s market presence and brand visibility.

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