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Mobile shopping list app with machine learning functionality that tracks customer’s movements and shopping behavior and sends targeted push notifications

March 2017 - Jul 2017

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It’s not always easy to make shopping fast and cost-efficient. Usually, to discover all the discounts and sales proposals in the local stores, customers have to browse websites or look through a pile of promo flyers, which is rather inconvenient and time-consuming. What bothers customers even more is the need to coordinate purchases in different stores. Making a list of go-to items on pieces of paper or smartphone notes can hardly prevent from forgetting to pick up, say, milk on the way home.

Why not infuse software into the mix and have both: a smart shopping list and a personal shopping assistant in one app! The goal that our team set for this project was to create an intelligent system that:

  • Allows to make easy-to-use lists with items and tells which ones are currently on sale;
  • Analyses purchases to make it easy for the user to shop;
  • Provides customers with complete analytics on the purchased goods;
  • Organizes shopping lists to help customers speed through the store, avoid extra trips and never forget to make a purchase.


Kooper is a smart shopping organizer that learns your shopping behaviors as you use it and makes customized shopping advices. The application receives information on products and discounts from local stores and helps to сreate and manage multiple shopping lists in a user-friendly and ordered way.

Kooper is highly interactive. The application guides customers through a store and provides information about special offers, sales, product’s popularity, rating, and price. The autocomplete feature suggests common items as the user types. The tool can also show cooking tips and recommendations.

An easy-to-use UI offers pleasurable swipes and taps to navigate the app. Such usability provides a smooth and intuitive user experience. Items can be quickly sorted, moved or copied between lists. Once the product is purchased, the user just taps to cross it off.

What is special about the tool is that it uses a neural network to show personalized tips and suggestions based on the analysis of user preferences. Customers can assign specific stores to lists, set up location-based reminders which trigger when users are near the stores previously specified in the app. The function works only for lists with unpurchased items.

The application also allows sharing of shopping lists with as many people as you want. Any changes in collaborative lists will synchronize instantly, providing an opportunity to coordinate purchases and to save time and money on shopping trips.


  • Shopping list sharing and joint editing
  • Location-based reminders and hot deal alerts
  • Pop-ups with matching product suggestions
  • Built-in storage for multiple discount cards
  • Integration with 17 retail networks
  • Interactive map of stores




  • 4 Mobile Developers
  • Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager


~ 12 months

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