Hyperledger: What to Know?

Hyperledger is not just a blockchain, it’s more of an open-source ecosystem of interdependent tools that contribute to smooth cooperation between enterprises and developers engaged in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) domain.

All the components like interfaces, libraries, frameworks, and smart contract engines work under a single ‘umbrella’ term, making it convenient and easy to complete many time-consuming and laborious tasks.

Let’s get a detailed overview of the tech side of Hyperledger, examine its most popular components, and take a look at the projects built on Hyperledger.


0:00 Introduction
0:26 What is Hyperledger?
1:07 A bit of history
1:41 What does Hyperledger bring to the table?
2:46 Components of Hyperledger architecture
3:38 Hyperledger frameworks and their peculiarities
3:59 Hyperledger Fabric
5:11 Hyperledger Burrow
6:06 Hyperledger Indy
7:01 Hyperledger Iroha
7:47 Hyperledger Sawtooth
9:00 What about Hyperledger tools?
9:55 Real-world solutions built on Hyperledger frameworks
11:30 What are the prospects for Hyperledger?
12:07 Final thoughts

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