NFT Explained: What Is an NFT?

One of the most significant blockchain-related topics that grabbed the world’s attention is NFTs.

In 2021, we observed an overwhelming NFT boom in sports, arts, entertainment, and other spheres of life. Nowadays, NFTs represent a whole new market, where almost any idea has a chance to find its audience.

In the following video, let us introduce you to what NFT minting is, which steps it includes, and where NFTs draw their value from. We move step by step from the essence of non-fungibility to demonstrating real-life cases of successfully issued tokens.


0:00 Introduction
00:12 What are NFTs?
0:49 Difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens
1:37 A brief history of NFTs
2:30 Where can NFTs be used?
4:54 Key features of NFTs
5:40 How to create an NFT?
6:02 Where to sell and purchase NFTs?
6:24 Tips on how to choose the right blockchain
7:16 NFTs = the copyright?
7:39 Why do NFTs have value?
7:59 Cost of minting an artwork
8:28 What is the future of NFTs?

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