Asset Tokenization 101

The general idea of asset tokenization is not brand new. However, more questions appear as more businesses and individuals constantly find new spheres to apply it to. What to pay attention to if you are aiming at asset tokenization? How does the process look?

In this video, we go through the basics of asset tokenization, unpack its pros and cons, and bust some myths about the concept.

Let’s get started!


0:00 What is asset tokenization?
0:36 Asset tokenization benefits
1:05 Risks behind asset tokenization
1:59 Asset-backed tokens — what are they?
2:27 Owning an asset directly vs owning an asset-backed token
2:52 Trading tokenized assets on the secondary market
3:19 Industries embracing asset tokenization
4:42 Reasons why the market shifts to tokenization
6:01 What to consider before participating in the token economy?
7:06 How to tokenize an asset?
8:44 Conclusion

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