Our History

Since 2007 we've managed to make hundreds of clients from all around the world happy by turning their most cherished ideas into products that perform well, inspire, and win international recognition.


Founded in 2007, PixelPlex entered the global market as a small software company focusing on web and mobile applications development. Since then, we have embarked on the exciting journey of smart and innovative technology integration.


The milestone of the year is our getting into the Internet of Things industry. As IoT is evolving and making its way into daily life, the implementation of this technology within our company has offered tremendous value to all our customers. At PixelPlex, we realize the true significance of IoT development and keep working hard on incredibly interesting IoT projects.


Since 2013, following first crypto exchanges and the development of data storage solutions, we have been actively building and implementing Blockchain-based solutions. Up to now, we have already delivered 50+ Blockchain projects, providing responsive, scalable and reliable products.


Another year, another milestone reached. We're feeling proud of our efforts to have set up our own GameDev department that has already released more than 15 awesome games. In the present day, PixelPlex keeps moving forward in this exciting field, reaching new milestones and discovering new opportunities.


PixelPlex started up its own AR/VR Lab that contains some of the most cutting-edge facilities available today. Apart from AR/VR software solutions and app development, we launched the implementation of large Blockchain PoC initiatives jointly with Microsoft, conducted several Colored Coins based projects, and started the work on MetaTrader platform.


PixelPlex launches its own enterprise Artificial Intelligence Lab to solve some of the most challenging computer science problems. We've also started developing QTUM & VeChain platforms and worked on several projects to establish an embedded IoT hardware system for Intel and a number of other major corporations.


Another year of impressive accomplishments that enriched our portfolio quite a bit: Peerplays, QuarkCoin, Rise, and KICKICO are only some of the cool platforms we worked on. Also, we’ve developed a ECHO blockchain platform, our own IT product, and launched plenty of other awesome cross-industry projects including blockchain apps, smart contract solutions, block explorers and the like. Meantime, our team has scaled to 90+ employees, and the total number of delivered projects has reached 300.


The amount of our successfully accomplished projects testify to the solidity of PixelPlex. AIRA, neural network based AI interface for internal medicine, ProPool, a multipool for miners with a set of web and desktop apps, and plenty of other major developments have begun this year. We've also established offices in NYC and Amsterdam, started to actively invest in blockchain tech education, and became a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.


In 2019, PixelPlex appears in media and news outlets. RT international, for example, has conducted an interview with one of our business developers about real-world uses of blockchain technology, the industry's future, and its perspectives. PixelPlex is also continuing to form partnerships with many well-known tech companies around the world.

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