How to Avoid ADA Website Lawsuits: Accessibility Guidelines to Eliminate Non-Compliance Risks

Web accessibility is about enabling the digital world to be operable and within the reach of all individuals, including people with disabilities. It is important for all businesses and organizations to understand the web accessibility guidelines, the legislation, and the risks of failing to comply with these laws.

Augmented Reality for the Wine Industry

The advances in smartphone computing power have led to the success of augmented reality apps for mobile phones. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this technology to broaden their customer base and increase profits. Wine manufactures are turning to cutting edge AR technology to promote their products by providing users with engaging and interactive content that involves history, cultural ties and real life stories.

How Is IoT Upending Manufacturing?

The Internet of Things (IoT) acts as the fabric that connects machines with other machines and people. In manufacturing, IoT enhances the information flow and enables cloud-based AI analytics to optimize production facilities, decrease costs, and improve the safety of manufacturing environments.

6 April, 2021

How We Bind Data From Exchanges to Build Efficient Trading Applications

High performance and result-driven strategies are a must-have in trading as you need to quickly respond to rapid crypto price fluctuations. We support our trading applications with a CryptoGateway application shell that provides instant access to market data from various exchanges in a uniform manner.

1 April, 2021

What Is Credit Card Tokenization and How Does It Work?

The rapid growth in digital payments presents an array of challenges for eCommerce merchants and other retailers when it comes to safeguarding the credit card data they store. Credit card tokenization is the way ahead, making the storage of payment information easier and more secure.

30 March, 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): A Booming Trend From the Blockchain World

Blockchain never ceases to bombard us with mind-blowing innovations and hot trends. Right now, it’s non-fungible tokens that have become the real attention-grabbers and game-changers globally, and they’re likely to continue amazing us even further.

24 March, 2021

Public vs. Private Blockchain: How Different Are They?

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm over the last few years. It has given businesses a new way of handling data and doing so securely. There is no doubt that in the next decade we will see blockchain continue to impact business operations.

19 March, 2021

Real Estate Tokenization: What Is It and What Benefits Does It Offer?

Wherever you turn — blockchain is everywhere. The technology has penetrated even the dauntingly complex world of real estate. It has introduced the industry to tokenization, bringing the potential for greater transparency, liquidity, and inclusiveness.

12 March, 2021

Asset Tokenization: Digitized Commodities as a New Investment Opportunity

Tokenization of real-world assets gives investors a chance to securely trade the whole or a fraction of the commodities they own. At the same time, asset-backed cryptocurrency mitigates volatility and offers a stable and trustworthy investment opportunity.

9 March, 2021

Asset Tokenization From A to Z: Explanation, Benefits, Limitations, and Real-Life Use Cases

Back in 2009, when Bitcoin was first launched, there weren't many people who truly believed in and invested in the new cryptocurrency. Yet here we are, over a decade later, and the whole world is breathlessly watching the growth of cryptocurrency, with many people regretting not buying a few Bitcoins years earlier. The next blockchain-related phenomenon that is about to blow up and transform the way we own and trade real things is asset tokenization.

5 March, 2021

How the Samsung Blockchain Keystore Is Bringing About Mobile Revolution

The Samsung Blockchain Keystore is the driving innovation by Samsung that intends to upend the relationship between blockchain and mobile phones. The South Korean smartphone giant is determined to provide users with an advanced platform for managing their private information and digital keys without compromising on the highest safety and security standards.

2 March, 2021

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