IoT Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Modern IoT technology trends are driven by artificial intelligence, edge computing, blockchain, and 5G promises. Within this interconnected web of technological advances rests the business value of smart homes, autonomous cars, and smart factories.

How Walmart Strives for Food Quality And Safety Using Blockchain Technology Solutions

The food industry is closely tied in with all stages of the supply chain, from the picking of raw materials all the way through to the consumer’s shopping bag. Tracking the route, authentication, and safety confirmation of each product is a challenging task, but blockchain technology can offer a solution.

Retired Azure Blockchain Service Overview and How to Migrate

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) adds value to businesses by giving them a fast, easy way to spin off new blockchain networks and take advantage of cloud managed services. Microsoft’s Azure BaaS powered many decentralized applications and gave birth to promising blockchain startups. Now that it’s shutting down, a smooth migration is what’s on the mind of most dApp owners.

17 June, 2021

What It Takes to Create a Mobile App

If you have come up with an idea for a mobile app, now is the time to bring it to fruition. Designing and launching an app is a smart way to open up new opportunities, grow your online presence, and get closer to your target audience.

15 June, 2021

Guide to Binance Smart Chain and its Ecosystem

Although sacrificing a bit on decentralization, the Binance Smart Chain and its ecosystem offer a fruitful environment for DeFi apps. It opens up new opportunities for up-and-coming projects, triggering a whole new wave of crypto-asset exchange, investment, and fundraising. At the same time, it inspires innovative uses of blockchain such as NFTs.

11 June, 2021

Consensus by CoinDesk: Diving Deep into Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

From May 24th to 27th, CoinDesk hosted Consensus, a global conference for cryptocurrency and blockchain supporters. Tech-savvies and crypto enthusiasts gladly joined this virtual event to explore and discuss digital currency and blockchain technology evolution as well as its current trends.

8 June, 2021

How Document Management Systems Help Businesses Efficiently Manage Workflows

A well-designed document management system has become a must-have tool for a number of organizations globally. It tremendously contributes to workflow optimization and takes care of all document-related processes.

3 June, 2021

Custom Mobile App Development vs. App Builders

Now here we are again. You’re probably searching for a universal mobile app builder or googling “how much does it cost to create an app”. We’re coming up with the nasty “It depends”.

1 June, 2021

NFTs in Sports: What Exactly Can Be Tokenized?

We are all already familiar with the concepts of blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, but recently a novel phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Meet NFTs – a new player in the sports arena and beyond.

27 May, 2021

Project Discovery Phase as the Key to Creating High-Quality Software

The discovery phase is one of the most important stages in full-cycle product development. It’s a chance for the development team to fully understand the ideas behind the project and to propose better ways of implementing it while not going over budget or running past deadlines.

25 May, 2021

Low-Code or No-Code App Development Platform: Which One to Choose?

Low-code and no-code platforms center around the idea of making the process of software development easier and more accessible. But which option is better and what criteria do you have to consider beforehand?

21 May, 2021

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