Hyperledger Meetup 2020 Belarus: Top Insights & Takeaways

A screen with information about Hyperledger Meetup Minsk 2020 next to a blackboard

PixelPlex, with the support of Linux Foundation, hosted Belarus' first-ever Hyperledger Meetup. We focused on the Hyperledger framework benefits for business and ways to deal with legal implications.

Belarus’ first official Hyperledger Meetup, kicked-off on February 6th, 2020 by PixelPlex, turned out to be truly jam-packed: engaging demos, fascinating conversations, unconventional ideas, interactive panel discussion, and lots of honest and valuable feedback.

PixelPlex dedicated the event to the most widely used Hyperledger framework, Fabric, revealed all its benefits for business and discussed the ever-growing interest in blockchain development among the local blockchain community, B2B players, and legal service providers.

About Hyperledger

Hyperledger is an open-source collaboration launched in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation to advance cross-industry blockchain adoption. ‘Hyperledger’ is the name for a group of private blockchain frameworks used in banking, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, and many other industries for consolidating and securing data streams. Learn more about Hyperledger at https://www.hyperledger.org/

Unlike public blockchains, the Hyperledger Fabric addresses the most critical privacy issues worrying companies and businesses that must comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Headliners of the Belarus Hyperledger Meetup 2020

The audience of Belarus Hyperledger Meetup 2020

The venue for the Hyperledger Meetup 2020 was packed and filled to capacity

The Hyperledger Meetup 2020 was packed. We were joined by people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and fields: all-versed blockchain developers and software engineers, project managers and product owners, startup founders and CEOs, as well as lawyers, investors, and technology enthusiasts.

We were thrilled to welcome expert speakers eager to share practical insights. PixelPlex representatives and leaders shared the stage with the guests and were actively involved in the discussion.

Meet our amazing presenters and contributors:

Topics Covered

PixelPlex CTO is clarifying the peculiarities of Hyperledger tech and private blockchains

Viktor, PixelPlex CTO, clarifying the peculiarities of Hyperledger tech and private blockchains

During the first part of the meetup, we walked everyone through the core Hyperledger blockchain framework features. Below is a quick list of Hyperledger Fabric’s perks that were discussed:

  • High-end security and confidential transactions;
  • Gated participation and restricted user roles;
  • Efficient and compliant business operations;
  • Low volatility of the network;
  • Organizational empowerment.

The Hyperledger Meetup 2020 was definitely productive, dynamic, and insightful. Other major keynotes covered during the event were:

  • Hyperledger tools and frameworks: use for business;
  • Real-life business cases overview: TradeLens;
  • Public and private blockchains. Legal compliance;
  • User identification: how to ensure data source trustworthiness;
  • Tips and insights on Hyperledger Fabric programming;
  • Latest news and future applications of private blockchains.

PixelPlex Latest Hyperledger Project

Nikita Latkovich of PixelPlex presenting the DocFlow solution

Nikita Latkovich of PixelPlex presenting the DocFlow solution

As a viable model of how the Fabric network works in document notarization, we demonstrated our latest Hyperledger-based project, DocFlow. Our short demo illustrated the way how the solution cuts out the need for the physical presence of parties for issuing and withdrawing powers of attorney, how it simplifies the Proof of Authority (PoA) issuance and eliminates server infrastructure failures.

PixelPlex team discussing tips and insights on Hyperledger Fabric programming

Panel Discussion: Tips and Insights on Hyperledger Fabric Programming

Here at PixelPlex we believe in the knowledge sharing power and give everyone the opportunity to think outside the box.

The group photo of PixelPlex team members who took part in the event

The proud event host and organizer: PixelPlex team in its glory!

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us to discover the latest trends in Hyperledger blockchain development. See you on our next adventure!


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