Blockchain use cases in
Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Blockchain-powered car identification and vehicle history visibility solutions

Blockchain solutions for donations

Creating platforms providing transparency of donations

Gun control

Blockchain-based database of firearms information


Blockchain solutions for the gambling industry

Publishing content on blockchain

Blockchain-based open access publications


Blockchain-based platforms for linking publishers and advertisers

Online music platforms

Blockchain-based online music platforms

Blockchain Auctions

Blockchain-based auction platforms

Gold tokenization

Platforms for gold trading without moving physical gold

Proof of origin and ownership of precious metals

Blockchain-based certification and standardization of precious metals storage

Tourism industry

Storage of service providers information

Access to sharing objects

Automation of opening access to sharing objects

Ride sharing

Blockchain-based ride sharing platforms

Rental Property

Decentralized marketplace of rental property

Gift cards

Gift-cards issuance and exchanging platforms

Loyalty programs

Blockchain-based loyalty programs solutions

Monitoring the distribution and use of energy

Decentralized energy data registry

Energy marketplace

Decentralized energy marketplace

Carbon Offsets and Wastewater control

Marketplace for carbon offsets trading


Blockchain-based platforms for electronic certificates storage

Identification (Global ID)

Unified blockchain-based identification systems

Insurance and Insurance contracts execution

Digitalization of Insurance services


Blockchain-based platform providing escrow services

Credit cards

Banking cards for crypto payments


Blockchain-based microlending platforms

Payments and transactions

Blockchain-based banking transactions and mutual settlements

Notary certification of transactions

Confirmation and notarization of transactions via Blockchain

Credit history & P2P Loans

Blockchain-based credit history storage and database for P2P lenders and borrowers

Property rights storage

Blockchain-based property rights storage platforms


Electronic voting systems and digital support of elections and referendums

Border control and storage of passenger data

Automation and safety of passenger traffic systems

Government procurement

Blockchain-based public procurement transactions registry

Document flow of state bodies

Automated electronic document-flow management and storage systems


Simplification and acceleration of enterprise registration process

Taxation (tax records storage)

Blockchain-based tax records storage

Land rights registration / land registries

Storing land cadastres and recording changes in land ownership in Blockchain

Fines data storage

Blockchain-based platform for fines payments recording

Execution of wills / inheritance

Blockchain-based platforms for the preparation and execution of wills and inheritances

Real estate transactions and property rights

Recording Real estate transactions in Blockchain

Flights information

Flight data storage in Blockchain

Public Transport

Blockchain-based systems of ticket use and validation

Car repair information storage

Storage of vehicle repair data in the Blockchain

Proof of origin and supply chains

Information storage systems for agricultural products on Blockchain

Supply Chains & Trucking

Storing of goods information in Blockchain

Logistics Hubs Management

Digitalization and automation of documents and cargo flows

Health Insurance

Blockchain-based solutions for Health Insurance

Digitalization of medical services

Use of Blockchain technology to improve Healthcare

Clinical trial results

Blockchain-based databases for clinical trials

Medical records and patient data storage

Blockchain-based solutions for medical records and patient data

E-Medicine and IoT

Blockchain-based medical IoT devices

Medicines and medical equipment supply chains

Blockchain-based systems for certification and tracking

Prescription medicines

Electronic systems for monitoring medical prescription